A disorganized area of showers and thunderstorms moving westward across the tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean has garnered the attention of tropical forecasters. Officials with the National Hurricane Center are monitoring that tropical wave for further development over the next five days.

The area of disturbed weather is currently located about 800 miles south southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands. It is forecast to continue its westward motion over the next five days. During period forecasters are giving the system a 30% probability of becoming a tropical cyclone.

The five-day forecast track does pull the system slightly north of due west. This would put this area of showers and thunderstorms due east of the Windward Islands. Even after that time, the system would still be hundreds of miles away from any significant landmass.

As of now, the Hurricane Center does not have plans to send aircraft into the system to gather data. However, those plans could change the closer the system gets to land and should satellite images indicate the system is becoming better organized.



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