We often get food dropped off here at the studios. Okay, actually it's like every day and twice on Sundays.

I, as most of my fellow starving and less than lavishly compensated on-air personality friends, will usually partake in a bite or two. It is, after all, free.

But when someone comes upon the intercom and says, "There's cake in the lobby," this guy is flying up to the front like he stole something.

We recently had a wonderful treat dropped off by the amazing folks at Nothing Bundt Cakes.

I have a weakness for their to-die-for concoctions. However, there was a bit of a dilemma once I cut me a slice -- no forks!

We usually have a nice stash of plastic utensils. But alas, on this day, only knives were to be found.

Well, that and chopsticks.

And that's where the idea to try eating cake with chopsticks came about. The video above answers the question: "Can you eat cake with chopsticks?"

The results shocked even me! Bon Appetit!!

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