The Village Council in Cankton has met and come to a decision regarding a complaint filed against the village's Chief of Police Brent Breaux. The council has reprimanded the Chief for his actions that led to a complaint because of an incident that happened about five months ago.

In that incident, Cankton resident Darren Benoit filed the complaint saying that Chief Breaux attempted to intimidate him and tried to provoke a fight. The Chief was engaging Benoit following a complaint call that Benoit had made about a neighbor.

The incident which was recorded on body cameras by two deputies was reason enough for St.Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz to decommission Breaux as a deputy on the Sheriff's department force.

After meeting and discussing the incident with Breaux it was decided that the Chief must receive a reprimand from the council. He must make a public apology, and he will need to take a de-escalation class. Breaux made an apology on social media and in that apology, he mentioned that a reprimand had been placed in his file.


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