Captain Clay Higgins is bound and determined to clean up the streets in our communities, and his message to the local gang members may be his best one yet.

Backed by numerous law enforcement agencies and community leaders, "Uncle Clay" warns the remaining wanted members of the notorious "Gremlin Gang" that they are being hunted and will be brought to justice for crimes ranging from armed robbery to murder.

Often praised for his passion when it comes to tracking down criminals, it is visibly clear that Higgins is more heated than usual as he looks squarely into the camera to deliver his stern message. 

We often have a laugh at the Captain's one-liners, but he does make a great point here and I personally praise him for caring enough to take actions in order to make a difference rather than simply talking about it.

Seeing law enforcement standing side by side with leaders of our black communities in Acadiana is a strong visual that sends an even stronger message, unlike the bickering we see on social media that often divides the two groups.

Can this guy run for President already?