About 1:30 Sunday (Dec 16) a worker at the Cameron Ferry reported that a vehicle had driven off the ferry into the water. The worker told the Coast Guard that the driver drove on to the ferry which was moored at the time and then drove off the other end into the water.

Two people were rescued from the vehicle. According to KPLC TV, neither person was reported to be injured. That's the good news from what could have been a tragic story. The not so good news is that the vehicle remains in the Calcasieu Ship Channel and that could pose a hazard for mariners.

The Coast Guard has issued a warning for those mariners who use the Calcasieu Ship Channel. They have pinpointed the location of the vehicle in the water which should make navigating around the newly installed underwater obstacle a little easier.

As of late yesterday, the operators of the Cameron Ferry were assessing the damage that may have been done to the vessel because of the incident. There has been no report as to what that assessment found and if the ferry would be operational on its normal schedule for today.

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