Oh it's been the subject of many a hit country song, that cheating man or woman that done me wrong. Hey, wait that sounded good, somebody get me a guitar! Well for every story about happy love, there is at least one more story about a broken heart and if you suspect that your significant other isn't being all the way significant with you, there is a day to "celebrate" the occasion. It is actually TODAY!, the day before Valentines Day.

Did your spouse or significant other return from lunch at the usual time today? Or did he or she take an extended lunch hour, or take the whole afternoon off? Call them after lunch to find out.

Did he or she leave work early to spend an hour or two with his or her lover before coming home? Call an hour or two before quitting time.

Here are a couple of other private eye manuvers you can try to catch that cheating heart with their hands in the cookie jar. Just make sure you are ready to see what you might have to see.

(via Infidelity Advice: Catch Your Cheating Spouse on Unofficial Mistress Day.)

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