If you look back at the legacy that is Country Music  you will see that almost all of our format's legendary song writers are incredible story tellers. Their ability to take an every day situation and turn it in to musical poetry is truly a gift that most all of us wish we could posses. Instead, we get to enjoy the fruits of their time and talent and find ourselves being carried back to a moment when the songwriting muse was aroused. Such is the case of a song recorded this day in country music history by Tom T. Hall.

Tom T. Hall not only wrote incredible country songs, he took seven of his self penned tunes to the top of the charts. One of those songs, (Old Dogs - Children and) Watermelon Wine was recorded on this day at Nashville's Mercury Custom Recording Studio. The other hits that Hall wrote and recorded and took to number one include, A Week in a Country Jail, The Year that Clayton Delaney Died, I Love, Country Is, I Care, and Faster Horses.

Tom T. also wrote Harper Valley PTA that Jeannie C. Riley took to the top of the charts and the great Bobby Bare tune That's How I Got to Memphis.  Hall also had chart toppers that were recorded by Dave Dudley and Alan Jackson.

I personally love the story behind Watermelon Wine. As Tom describes a situation where he is sitting in a bar in Miami waiting on a plane. He gets into a conversation with an old black gentleman who offers some sage advice on life and living. From that advice came the song that you're about to hear.


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