I like Anthony Bourdain. He is a traveler, a writer, a chef, and a genuine compassionate cynic. That means he, like me, can't stand idiots but has a true understanding appreciation of hardworking people.  Anthony has a show on CNN called Parts Unknown. On that show he explores the culture and the food of the area in which he is traveling. In this video he is obviously traveling in the southern United States and he is introduced to The Waffle House.

For those of us that live along the Gulf Coast we know that The Waffle House is more than a place to get something to eat. After a hurricane it's usually the first sign that life will go on. For the slightly or overly intoxicated it is that stomach settling meal that will make the bed not spin so fast.

For me, The Waffle House is like my hometown. It's where hardworking people go to get a meal. They exchange their ideas and thoughts on the day over a hot cup of coffee. If you're lucky the waitress will call you "honey" or "sweetie" and you will know what it feels like to live in the South that I grew up in.

I particularly enjoyed Bourdain's reaction to the Pecan Waffle at the Waffle House. There are people in my life that consider the Pecan Waffle to be a gift from Heaven so to see his reaction to this most comfortable of comfort foods was quite pleasing.


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