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Cellphones are the best and worst invention of this generation if you ask me. The ability to communicate in an instant is wonderful. The fact that many people do not understand proper cellphone etiquette is appalling. The cellphone just gives some people one more way to be a jackwagon in public.

One St Landry Parish councilman, Wayne Ardoin is thinking seriously of proposing an ordinance that would prohibit use of cellphones in council meetings. Mr. Ardoin's contention is the electronic devices create a diversion to and interruption of council proceedings. Ardoin's proposal would not clear the chambers of cellphones, its goal is simply to curtail the use of cellphones during official business.  This would give council members leverage in asking offenders to take their personal business outside.

According to reports, Bill Fontenot, St Landry Parish President suggested that if such an ordinance banning cellphones was introduced he would likely veto it. Currently cellphone use in parish courts is already banned.

It seems to  me that is another example of government having to legislate common sense and social decency. Personally, I would like to know that my council members and those in attendance of handling the business of me, the taxpayer, would have their attention focused totally on the job at hand and not on personal call or funny text message.

How do you feel about this issue? Should the council ban cellphone use during meetings? How  do you feel about cellphones in general? Has cellphone usage gone too far into corrupting basic social etiquette?

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