The popularity of wireless phones, mobile phones, cell phones, what ever you choose to call them has led to a whole new set of maladies. One of those maladies that many of us have experienced is the phantom vibration. The sensation that your phone has vibrated in your pants pocket. Upon checking the device you find no new information has been received by your phone.

Notice I said no new information has been "received" by your phone. That doesn't mean that your phone has not been activated and data taken from it. I offer this as food for thought. If your telephone is on, you can be located. In fact cell towers are constantly pinging your device to know where you are in case you have an incoming call or text message.

Would you agree with this statement, "where there is a way in, there is a way out"? If your phone can be located and data sent to it, doesn't it stand to reason that data can be removed from your phone by the same electronic means?

Perhaps that phantom vibration you are feeling is not all in your mind it is some kind of electronic data transfer that is  occurring without you or I knowing about it. Could that phantom vibration be a government agency such as the NSA, CIA or an agency so secretive that we don't know who they are retrieving your data? It could be a terror group worse than Ticketmaster.

If you admit that there is at least the possibility, even the slightest possibility of this being true, then you should be concerned. My dad always said a lock will only keep an honest man out, a thief will find a way. That means someone who wants to know more about you and I will gladly take that free electronic path into our personal lives.

You might not be an international terrorist, you might be the shining example of humanity and sing on the front row of your church every Sunday. You still have secrets. You still have things you don't want the world to know. You still are vulnerable.

Every person has a weakness, an Achilles heel, a soft spot that creates an opening for evil doers, or government agencies to manipulate you. Maybe you once sent a naughty picture to your spouse. Maybe you forwarded or received an off color joke from a friend. Maybe you are plotting to overthrow what we know as the American way of life. If it's in your phone or ever was in your phone, somebody can find it.


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