A product recall has been in effect since the middle of June but still the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging American consumers to be mindful. The source of all this concern is the very popular Honey Smacks cereal made by Kellogs.

The CDC says a salmonella outbreak that has infected more than 100 people in 33 states can be directly attributed to the product. In a tweet yesterday the CDC was very blunt with their advice about Honey Smacks.

The government agency is urging consumers to discard any and all packages of Honey Smacks regardless of the expiration date listed on the package. In most cases, consumers can return the product to local retailers for a refund.

The CDC noted that 30 people have been hospitalized as a result of this particular outbreak. Symptoms include fever, cramps, and diarrhea within 72 hours of being exposed to the bacteria.


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