Chicago woman Mary Lou Swanson is crediting Charlene Richard, The "Little Cajun Saint", with curing her of limbic encephalitis, a potentially fatal disease.

Swanson tells that her health had declined to the point where she couldn't eat solid food. She had signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" order and had made funeral arrangements with her husband.

Right around this time Swanson happened to see an “Unsolved Mysteries” about how people make pilgrimages to Charlene Richard's grave site to pray for healing. In a last ditch effort to stay alive, she and her husband made the trip to Church Point.

Swanson says that only one day after visiting the "Little Cajun Saint" her symptoms began to disappear. She says she no longer needed medicine and treatments.

'“We are not sure exactly what happened, and we are not sure why it reversed itself,” said Dr. Ronald Glas, a family physician at Edward Hospital who has overseen Swanson’s care since before she was ever sick. “I’m not sure what to attribute it to.”'

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