Social media has been buzzing over the past couple of days as a video has gone viral that seemingly shows a Chick-fil-A customer picking up an order of bone-in smoked wings from the restaurant.

The internet is buzzing as there is confusion surrounding the possibility of Chick-fil-A adding wings to its official menu, but here is what we know.

TikTok via @patrick_eats_
TikTok via @patrick_eats_

Show me someone who says that they dislike Chick-fil-A and I'll show you either a vegetarian or a liar. The restaurant is one of my favorite fast-food spots because of its food quality, service, and consistency.

You may have gripes about the extra traffic the chain causes or the seemingly always-long lines, but still - it is hard to argue that Chick-fil-A typically brings the heat.

TikTok via @patrick_eats_
TikTok via @patrick_eats_

But there is a new buzz on social media surrounding the chicken-chain introducing a brand new and widely enjoyed food item to their menu.

Is Chick-fil-A adding wings to their menu?

See the video from @patrick_eats_ that has everyone talking on TikTok below.

The video seemingly shows a Chick-Fil-A customer picking up an order of smoked wings with a lemon pepper dipping sauce from a location in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. You can see the labeling that includes the classic Chick-fil-A emblem along with a "special" sticker.

Just going off of the eye-test alone, these look crispy and potentially delicious.


But even with all of the evidence pointing towards these wings being a legit Chick-fil-A product, there is still some confusion surrounding the future availability for chicken lovers to try these out for themselves.

Will Chick-fil-A bring wings nationwide?

According to @GAFollowers on Twitter, Nashville isn't the only place where the new menu item may be getting tested out.

According to another Twitter user, the restaurant chain may be involving some sort of "ghost kitchen" in their operation.

Another Twitter user shared a full menu, although it is not clear if this is an official Chick-fil-A menu or if it is in fact for a "ghost kitchen".

The best explanation that the internet has so far comes from @ATLUncensored who says that Chick-fil-A opened up a "virtual restaurant" in Nashville.

This could explain what the earlier Twitter user meant by a "ghost kitchen". It seems as though Chick-fil-A may be using the Nashville market to test out potential future menu items. According to the above post, Atlanta is next for such a location.

What is Chick-fil-A's 'Little Blue Menu'?

According to @FatherBT on Twitter, Chick-fil-A has begun their 'Little Blue Menu' delivery kitchen and it has started in Nashville at a location that was previously a delivery-only facility. The spot started in 2018 to service catering, delivery, and mobile orders.

This location now apparently offers hungry customers the option to order from it's classic Chick-fil-A menu along with three other "virtual restaurants". One of those restaurants is 'Outfox Wings' who could be responsible for the wings that are currently going viral.

It appears that this is only the beginning for Chick-fil-A as they test out this 'Little Blue Menu' idea that seemingly gives customers more options.

Social Media Reacts to Chick-fil-A Wings

While a verdict on how these wings actually taste has yet to be reached, one thing is clear - the internet is already buzzing about Chick-fil-A introducing wings to its menu.

Would you give these a try? Let us know in the comments.

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