I had an amazing mentor growing up who told me  " Life is a laboratory and everyday is an experiment in finding out what makes you happy".

That's pretty heady stuff and reason enough to get out of bed and go explore the day isn't it? The problem with experiments is sometimes they go BOOM!

I've certainly had my share, but for the most part I find a reason to celebrate everyday. If you're looking for some great reasons to kick off the covers and put your feet on the floor I've got three of them for you today.

It's Poultry Day. It's a day to celebrate our fine feathered and delightfully delicious feathered friends. Think of how many great Cajun meals include chicken, duck, or turkey. Hell, some of them include all three of those at the same time. Without poultry we'd never have scrambled eggs or omelets.  Without poultry we wouldn't have hot wings to munch on during March Madness. With out poultry we wouldn't have a wishbone to fight over every Thanksgiving. See, there's a lot to love about poultry and I didn't even get into the fun things you can do with feathers.

It's Chocolate Caramel Day. I know for some people this is a day that should be celebrated in some religious way. They love their chocolate, they love their caramel, and they love it when those two fabulous flavors come together. Think of how many great candy bars combine caramel and chocolate. I will give you a minute to be alone with your thoughts. Well today can take more than a minute, you can take the whole day because it's a day to honor chocolate and caramel

It's Deskfast Day. Just when you thought poultry, chocolate, and caramel had taken this day by storm comes another great reason to get out of bed. It's called Deskfast Day and it's just what you think it is. It's a day to enjoy breakfast at your desk.  This is a day that was born out of necessity. Since most of us don't have time for breakfast at home, we grab something good from the drive through and eat at our desks.  Why not make it an office experience today. Maybe send that nonproductive member of the team, the boss, out to pick up breakfast sandwiches or boudin and then let's manger all over our keyboards.

I think those are three great reasons to roll out of your bed, get your feet on the floor, and then go empty your bladder because you probably need to go.  You could actually combine all three days by enjoying a mocha caramel coffee with a chicken biscuit at your desk. It's funny how we have learned to multitask even with holidays.