Two children were tragically burned on a playground after slides were covered in acid.

Playground Slides Covered In Acid
YouTube Via CBS Boston

Children Burned on Playground Slides Covered With Acid

A Massachusetts mother is furious after two of her young children, including a 1-year-old, were badly burned after playing on slides that were covered in muriatic acid.

Ashley Thielen told Western Mass News that when she brought her three kids to the Wilson Boundless Playground this past Sunday (6/11/23) she noticed what appeared to be water collected at the bottom of one of the slides, and obviously never thought twice about it.

Thielen then let her three young children lose to play and have fun at the playground.

Shortly thereafter her one-year-old started screaming and crying immediately after splashing in the rainwater at the end of the slide.

It wasn't rainwater, it was muriatic acid, a chemical that is used to clean pools.

Kids Burned on Slides Covered With Acid
YouTube Via CBS Boston

Muriatic acid is a diluted solution of hydrochloric acid that is commonly used for cleaning or maintaining a pool’s pH balance.

The muriatic acid was poured on three of the four slides at the park.

From -

"Photos shared by the woman show her children’s legs swollen and blistered after coming in contact with the chemical.

Authorities determined that someone tore off a ventilation shaft cover, broke into a basement storage room where chemicals are kept at the park’s swimming pool, and stole some muriatic acid."

Kids Burns With Acid
YouTube Via CBS Boston

Police believe this was a teen prank clearly gone terribly wrong.

No arrests have been made at this time.

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