In the 1970's Frank Seles was a star. Granted his star power only illuminated portions of north and central Louisiana. But too many children, Seles, also known as Mr. Wonder was a bona fide celebrity because of his Monroe  Louisiana based television show.

Today, Seles, aka Mr. Wonder is now known as a sexual predator and a resident of the Rapides Parish Jail. Seles and his legal counsel accepted a plea deal in response to charges that he sexually assaulted a child on a  camping trip in Rapides Parish in 1979.

Both sides in the case seem to be satisfied with the outcome of the plea deal that will put Seles behind bars for five more years. He was sentenced to serve seven years but was credited two years time served.

While some might scoff at what appears to be a very lenient sentence for such a heinous offense those close to the case say the plea outcome was in the best interest of the victim and the family of the victim. By arranging and agreeing to a plea deal intimate details of the case will not have to be made public.

The attorneys prosecuting the case suggested in their comments to the media that this settlement was negotiated with the wishes of the victim and his family in mind. There was also a concern that evidence from the almost forty year old crime would be very difficult to find.

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