There is a great connection between food and feelings. Many times our favorite foods become our favorite foods not as much for the way the taste but the way we were feeling when we tasted them. Maybe the reason we all love crawfish so much is that crawfish brings to mind a gathering of friends and family.

For this edition of Foodie Friday Chef Jill McCoy and I entered into a discussion about food and feelings. We started to discuss some of our childhood memories of our favorite treats. For Chef Jill that childhood memory brought her to donuts.

As the Chef recalls in her Salt and Pepper 2 Taste food blog a typical Saturday morning in which her parents have brought home donuts for the family breakfast.

I always looked forward to getting out of bed and being the first one to browse the donut selection before my brothers woke up.
Now Chef Jill can tell you how easy it is to make your own cake donuts with a hand invention called the donut baking pan.
I can see why the Chef would want to be the first one to counter to grab one of these delicious donuts. The batter is easy to make and if you can turn on an oven then you can make these donuts.
The cinnamon sugar coating mixture is spot on. It adds a delightful burst of flavor to the crumbly goodness of the thick and dense cake donut. Let me suggest you have a nice cup of coffee standing by to help maximize this incredible donut experience.
Why not start your own Saturday morning tradition but this time instead of going out for donuts, perhaps you and the kids could make these as a special treat. This recipe might really come in handy on Mother's Day or Father's Day.