Ron Gomez spent his life in public service to his community in various capacities. He has passed away.

He will be missed by his spouse, Carol Ross, and his children. He will also be missed by throngs of friends.

Gomez was born in Baton Rouge in 1934. He served in the United State Air Force which was just the beginning really of continual public service to our community.

He was the voice of the Ragin' Cajuns for football and basketball for eighteen years. Ron Gomez served as a state legislator from 1980 through 1989. Gomez was a journalist for years even buying this group of radio stations years ago.

One of his many accomplishments, Gomez was a supporter of helping to restore our dwindling coastline, and he served as the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources under Governor Buddy Roemer.

Gomez was critical in steering the legislation that led to the creation of the Cajundome. He also played a pivotal role in repealing Louisiana's blue laws.

In 2019, Ron Gomez was inducted into the "Louisiana Political Hall of Fame".

Ron Gomez's Book
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Gomez was able to give a glimpse not only into his life but into the Louisiana Legislature when he wrote the book, "My Name is Ron and I'm a Recovering Legislator". In the book, he details many aspects of his personal life, but he also spoke of the times he spared with former Governor Edwin Edwards.

For those who are listeners to NewsTalk 96-five KPEL, you will likely remember the days when Ron Gomez was on KPEL. He mentions many of his memories of radio, and how that love began many years before,

My earliest ambition was to be a radio announcer, specifically, a play-by-play sportscaster. I was fortunate enough to fulfill that ambition at an early age. In my [then fifty-seven] years in the broadcasting industry, I worked in almost every position, commercial announcer, disc jockey, copywriter, news and sports reporter, sales representative, manager, and finally, owner of three South Louisiana radio stations, KPEL and KTDY in Lafayette and KTQQ in Sulphur.

One of the things Gomez was not able to accomplish in the Louisiana Legislature during his tenure was tort reform. A few years after leaving office, Gomez was appointed as the executive director of the Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.

You can click here to read the archives of Gomez that in the collection at the University of Louisiana library.

Funeral services are pending.

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