In 2019, in addition to celebrating the 30th anniversary of his iconic debut album, Killin' Time, Clint Black is also enjoying another kind of blast from the past. The singer is out on the road with fellow hitmaker -- and former tourmate -- Trace Adkins, for their 2019 Hits. Hats. History. Tour, which will continue through the end of August.

Black and Adkins aren't the only country artists on that tour with a fair bit of expertise under their belts; in fact, Craig Campbell is the "spring chicken" of the group, with the rest of the tour's opening support coming from artists with storied careers from the '90s and beforehand. Pam Tillis, Terri Clark and John Berry all make appearances during the Hits. Hats. History. Tour.

"It's kind of like going back to the '90s!" Black says of the trek. "I've been doing a [set] for so long now where it's just me the whole night, [so] it's really, really fun to come together with them and have that kind of evening."

Black describes the Hits. Hats. History. Tour as a reunion of sorts, especially with Adkins. Once, while on a previous trek together in the late '90s, they even entered into a playful feud over their nearly identically named new songs.

""Nothin' But the Taillights," one of my biggest hits -- right when my single came out, he was about to release a single called "Nothin' But Taillights,"" Black recalls. "So we were on tour together when that was happening, in '98. He used to joke about it onstage. We have that to laugh about."

Visit for more details on the Hits. Hats. History. Tour.

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