It's been a pretty good last few days for legendary Louisiana musician Wayne Toups.

Just yesterday he celebrated his 65th birthday and before that played shows to big crowds in Louisiana and Texas.

But it was his last show on Sunday in Hunt, Texas that really has people buzzing. (Hunt is located northwest of San Antonio.)

Wayne Toups & Zydecajun played a gig for the Tejas Vaqueros Trail Ride.

The private event drew a good crowd of cowboys who really enjoyed Toups' performance. There was even a pretty cool superfan in attendance.

Yep, that is country superstar Cody Johnson -- a damn good singer in his own right.

And we call him a superfan because that's exactly what he is. Zydecajun bass player Steve Grisaffe shared on Facebook that Johnson told the band that he's been a Wayne Toups fan since he was eight years old.

If you know musicians at all, you probably know what happened that night. Yep, CoJo shared the stage as a guest of the band and helped out with one of Wayne's hit songs.

That is just plain cool right there!

"Tupelo Honey" is a standard at every Wayne Toups show. It's a Van Morrison cover but has been a hit for Wayne ever since he recorded it for his 1989 Blast from the Bayou album.

Back to Steve Grisaffe's comments. He also said that while he was playing, Cody was talking to him, saying, "Man this is great! Wayne Toups, yeah!"

Cody was clearly thrilled to be on stage with an artist that he has looked up to since he was young, even though their styles of music aren't exactly the same.

Grisaffe went on to say that Johnson is a super nice guy.

And from the times we have hung out with him, we can attest. Nice job Cody Johnson!

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