A new survey sniffed out our favorite and least favorite smells around the house. Around 1,000 Americans were polled to find out which scents are the best and worst.

Nothing reeked more than a cigarette butt, as about 25% of respondents thought that was the most repulsive of smells.

Rounding out the top five most offensive list include a full garbage can, a cat's litter box, mold and mildew, and last night's fish dinner.

On the flip side, participants were also asked to rank those delightful scents around our humble abodes.

Interestingly, fresh-brewed coffee topped the poll. I mean, it is the "best part of waking up".

The other top household odors include homemade cookies, clean sheets, pot roast and spaghetti sauce.

I can agree with that. Now, if I can only get my wife to bring me a hot cup of coffee and some freshly baked chocolate cookies while I'm in bed on freshly cleaned sheets!


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