As the holiday season is now in full swing thirsty shoppers in Louisiana and Texas are finding that there could be a "grinch" that's preventing their "quench" as in thirst. And by the way, things look it appears as if the "Grinch" might just be the popular soft drink company Coca-Cola.

First things first, for me and my family a Coke at Christmas is a tradition. We all like to get an ice-cold bottle, step out into our neighborhood with all of our neighbors, light candles, and sing this song.

Oh, that was such a simple time when we "taught the world to sing" while drinking a Coke. And no, we don't recreate this commercial in my neighborhood but if we did, there would be one drink that the Coca-Cola company would not allow us to have as part of our celebration.

It was a flavor of Coke that was originally introduced back in 2019 specifically for the holiday season. The limited edition flavor was supposed to "spice up the season". It was even featured on the website Delish as part of a whole new way to create cocktails. The only problem with the flavor was this. Not too many people liked it enough to buy it.

What is the Coke Product No Longer Available in Louisiana and Texas?

It's Coca-Cola Cinnamon. And, yes I have never tried it either and I don't think I would try it. Coke tastes just fine as Coke. Okay, you can add some cherry or vanilla in there but don't mess up a good thing, right?

Well, Coke has now sent Coca-Cola Cinnamon the way of Tab. Do you remember Tab? Think of Diet Coke mixed with baby aspirin and served over the bitter inside of an orange peel. Tab was the first diet soda I remember from my youth and what I remember about it is not pleasant. I guess it's still around but Lord is it a challenge to drink.

mmmarch13 via
mmmarch13 via

Oddly enough Coke is content to let Coca-Cola Cinnamon go the way of other "zombie brands" that didn't perform as well as expected. The term "zombie brand" refers to a flavor or soda that was launched and has quietly been left to "twist in the breeze of anonymity" for eternity.

The company said it "kills off brands" from time to time to reflect changes in market behavior and give the company room to try innovations and create new flavors and drinks. I am sure you could get Coca-Cola Cinnamon if you visited the big Coke theme park in Atlanta or you might find some on eBay.

richii via
richii via

Well lookie here a seller on eBay, richii, is letting this six-pack of Cinnamon Coke go for the low low price of 59 dollars. Oh, and they're mini cans too. Looks like I just saved $59 bucks, how about you?

Now, let's go have a Fresca and discuss just what the heck is going on with all these strange soft drink flavors.

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