Sun Tea Dangers
There it was in moderately plain English, bacteria thrive in sun tea. I wonder how many people I have killed over my lifetime?
5 Hurricanes That Are Actually Pretty Cool
1. The Cocktail: This New Orleans drink made from rum and fruit juices was invented by Pat O’Brien in the 1940s. Interestingly, O’Brien only concocted it because he needed to get rid of a lot of excess rum. He even gave them away for free to visiting sailors. The drin…
Spicy Reaction GIFs to the World’s Hottest Vodka
We’ve seen a lot of vodkas come down the pike lately that appeal to foodies of all varieties – ranging from the sweet to the salty (sometimes both), from the crazy to the disgusting. But, if you’re looking to relive those childhood memories of sufferin…
Bruce’s Favorite Funny Drink Names
As you read through the names of some of the drinks I have selected for you, try to guess what some of the ingredients might be. Then follow our links to the recipes and stop by your favorite store and get what need to whip up a batch.
Worst Ideas for Alcohol Ever!
Once upon time there was rum and someone thought hmm, add that to a little pineapple, coconut and ice and we will call it pina colada. Maybe it was Jack Daniels himself that decided a little of his distilled spirit mixed into a glass of Coke would be a good idea. There are some mighty tasty beverage…

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