New Iberia is the largest city in Iberia Parish. Population (as of 2020), almost 30,000. New Iberia is unique in every way. The music, the landscape, the culture, etc. Folks in New Iberia are loving, caring people who love to eat, drink and have a good time (like the rest of Louisiana). They just do it all just a little bit different...and that's a good thing!

We had fun asking Facebook users "If New Iberia Were a Drink...What Drink Would It Be?". Actually, we should have asked, "What Drink Would She Be?". New Iberia should be a she, not an it.

However, everyone seemed to get the gist of it and played along. The answers were fun and some downright hilarious. We highlighted the Top 3 answers and included a bunch of others.


"If New Iberia Were a Drink, What Drink Would It Be", All Answers (Top 3 Highlighted).


#3 Pepto Bismol

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images


Berry Koolaid. -Tammy W.


Jungle juice. -Patricia R.


Magnesium Citrate. -Nancy S.


The drink you left at the bar when you went to the bathroom. -Kerry K.


Bumpy Roads. -Debra R.


Toilet water. -Rebecca R.


Colonoscopy prep. -Krista R.


Bloody Mary. -Vanessa H.


Mop water. -Samantha M.


Sour milk. -Brad D.


#2 Strawberry Hill, Boone's Farm

Strawberry Hill, Boone's Farm, Facebook
Strawberry Hill, Boone's Farm, Facebook


Shiltz. -Matt L.


Funky Monkey. -Cheryl R.


Jeanerette water and car exhaust. -Josh S.


Mudslide (going downhill). -Bes L.


Bountiful berry juice vodka. Troy L.


Battery acid? -Angee M.


Old English 8-ball or Silver Thunder was our drink at 15/16 in the early 90s. $3.00 for two 40s at the Vietnamese stores. -Rusty W.


Berry wine. -Patrice P.


Sex on the Streets!! -Mardy G.


Bayou Teche water. -Rachel F.


#1 Mad Dog 20/20

MD 20/20, Facebook
MD 20/20, Facebook


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