When it comes to watching sports whether in person or at home, one thing is consistent and that is you need food, drinks, or both when watching. But specifically when it comes to watching sports live you need a food item or a beverage at the ballpark, the stadium, or the arena. Nothing is better than a trip to the concession stand to get your favorite food or drink item. But what are the best concession stand items of all time?

We asked you on our Facebook page, what are the best concession stand items of all time. We compiled the data and have made a list of the top 5 concession stand items of all time.

So without further adieu, in the words of Li Shang the commander in the animated classic Mulan, "Let's Get Down To Business"!

5. Burgers (Specifically a BBQ Burger)

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Whether you're at a high school, college, or professional sporting event one thing is consistent at all concession stands. And that is they usually have a burger and specifically a bbq burger. Nothing beats a good bbq burger at a game. Being that we're in Acadiana, we like to add either Jack Millers or Sweet Baby Rays. But usually, it's a Jack Miller bbq burger. This is definitely too low for my liking but you voted for others to be higher and I can't be mad at that. But at least burgers made the list because there is one glaring omission from the list, that I will mention later on.

4. Peanuts

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Coming in at number 4 we have peanuts. Now I know some places roast peanuts while others boil them. I also know that they can come sweet or spicy, but when it comes to the humble peanut, I lack knowledge due to my allergy. Being that I'm allergic to peanuts, I have never experienced eating peanuts at a game. But I do know that this is typically a baseball or football concession stand item. And I also know being in Acadiana, we have some of the best concession stand peanuts at the Ragin' Cajuns' concession stand.

3. Nachos

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Now if it were up to me nachos would be the top choice. I feel this is criminally too low. Nachos are the quintessential concession stand food item.  Whether it's here at UL with crawfish nachos, at the Smoothie King Center with BBQ pulled pork nachos, or at your local high school with regular chili and cheese nachos, the nacho goes hand in hand with sports. More concession stands should attempt a signature nacho like UL does or like the Pelicans do at SKC. I would love BBQ chicken nacho or a seafood extravaganza(shrimp, crab, and crawfish) nacho. But I will say having the right cheese sauce is crucial because some high schools use a cheap sauce that ruins the nacho. Rico's nacho cheese is perfect and if you don't want an expensive cheese sauce then you can't go wrong with Rico's which is used all around Acadiana.

2. Ice Cold Beer

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No surprise here especially in Louisiana, beer comes in at number 2. Now this isn't something that can be enjoyed by all, but if you're of age then this is a solid concession stand item. You haven't lived until you have had an ice-cold beer at your favorite sporting event. As the buzz/tipsiness/drunkness occurs the game just gets more fun. But you have to be careful and not overdo it because that's how you tap out early. Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint.

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1. Frito Pie/Chili Cheese Fritos

Coming in at the top spot we have Chili Cheese Fritos/Frito Pie. The cousin to the nachos. Very similar to the nacho the ultimate difference is the vehicle for the chili, cheese, and jalapenos. I love a good chili cheese frito; however, it's more of a high school concession stand item than a college or professional sports concession stand item. But nothing beats a Friday night at a high school football game with a chili cheese frito/frito pie. Personally, I would've had this at 3 and nacho at 1, due to the nacho being more versatile. Because I never heard of a seafood Frito pie, but I respect yall voting for the frito pie at number one!

Now we did have one glaring omission and that is the hot dog. I truly expected to see hot dogs get more votes than they did. The hot dog only received one vote and I think that is blasphemous. Yes, they aren't as good as hamburgers, nachos, or frito pies, but they deserve to be on the list. Also, I know this isn't something at all concession stands, but in New Iberia, at Westgate high school they serve a bbq pork steak sandwich and it is amazing. I want to propose to all sporting concession stands across the world, please start serving bbq pork steak sandwiches.

Did we forget any item that you think needs to be on the list? If we did let us know on our Facebook page or email us at 1033thegoat@gmail.com.

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