ESPN is reporting that Commissioners of the Power 5 college football conferences held an emergency meeting yesterday. The purpose of that meeting was to discuss the growing concern over the upcoming college football season and other fall sports as they relate to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to that ESPN report Presidents of the member schools of the Big 10 Conference met on Saturday and are ready to "pull the plug" on the fall sports season. The meeting on Sunday with representatives of the ACC, Big-12, Pac-12, and SEC was to get input from those conferences on that course of action.

Sources close to the meeting of Big 10 officials on Saturday said there was no vote taken however one Power 5 athletic director speaking off the record said when asked about the season "It doesn't look good".

According to ESPN ACC athletic directors are scheduled to meet today while PAC-12 presidents and chancellors are set to meet on Tuesday. There's no word if those meetings will produce a final decision on fall sports for those leagues.

Meanwhile, officials with the ACC, Big 12 and the SEC were hoping to postpone a decision on fall sports after waiting to see what happened after thousands of students returned to campus. But those leagues could be looking at expediting their decision if the Big 10 or PAC-12 makes an announcement this week.

It was just last week that member schools of the SEC announced their amended conference only schedule for the 2020 season. As expected the LSU Tigers added games with Vanderbilt and Missouri to round out their conference only line up. However, all of that planning and replanning could be in jeopardy.


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