'Drivin' Around Song' is Colt Ford's best chance for a radio hit, something the singer would likely be willing to shave his body hair for. Jason Aldean's chorus is smooth and memorable, and his presence on the track from 'Declaration of Independence' gives Ford superstar credibility.

This is far from Ford's best lyrical effort. While the chorus is tight and imaginative, his verses rely on cliches meant to convince one that the man a dwindling few feel is too hip-hop for country is indeed country. He's won that argument among country fans and many radio programmers. Those who still object to his style will always object to his style.

"This is for everybody out there, circling the town square / Proud to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere / USA, Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford, raising a little hell and praising the Lord," Ford sings to begin the song.

Later, the song gets personal -- Ford turns the focus inward, which is always a dangerous move: "Yeah, I know what I’m talking about, I grew up in the rural routes / Count down them days, until I got enough brave to bust out / City lights in my sights, I’m gonna do it up right."

In between comes a tuned-up Aldean: "Hey, this is for the driving 'round, Jack and Diane town, anywhere Saturday night / Yeah, yeah, this is for the back roads, turning up the radio, heading right / Where the two lane turns into main street, cruising the same streets / Over in the passenger seat / Baby ain’t ever looked better just singing along / To this driving around song."

It's the sort of chorus you'd find on, well ... a Jason Aldean song. His voice blends seamlessly into the arrangement, which can't be said about Ford's lines. He patters over a thin banjo and drum machine until the build to the chorus. This leaves his gruff delivery to carry the story without the support of the energetic sound machine that makes him such a popular live act. That's not the best use of his talent.

3 Stars

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