The two words Common Core have become like a mosquito in your bedroom at night. They have driven citizens, students, and educators in Louisiana crazy the past few years. There are some that support this educational plan. There are others that are totally against this concept in learning and curriculum. The Louisiana Legislature has taken up the issue and appears to have reached a compromise that both sides of the debate can find something to agree about.

Lake Charles Representative Brett Geymann, an outspoken Common Core opponent, told reporters the the House Education Committee's plan for Common Core allows for public input.

Transparency, public involvement, a democratic process and Louisiana standards that we can all embrace.

Under this compromise BESE, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, will review the standards set forth by Common Core for math and English. This review will also include public forums so parents, students, and teachers can offer their input.

Governor Bobby Jindal's office issued a statement concerning the legislation. In that statement he suggested that he still had some reservations about the proposal. The legislation is now headed to the full house for debate.