Internet service provider Frontier Communications is issuing a challenge. Give up your smart phone for a week, and they will give you $1,000. Is there a trick to all of this? Of course.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Motorola MicroTAC flip phone, they are issuing the 'Flip Phone Challenge', with a couple of incentives to stay on track. First of all, you have to use an actual flip phone for the week. That means no technology, folks. However, they are providing you with a 'survival kit', which includes real maps (because you won't have GPS), pocket phone book, notepad and pen, and a few cd's to take the sting out of no digital playlists to jam to. And you have to be social media savvy, in order to blog about your experiences using a good ole flip phone. Sounds do-able to me! Follow this link to sign up, and good luck, y'all!


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