Let's be clear "cooler" is going to be a relative term in this brief article. That means temperatures that are noticeable not as hot as the temperatures have been the past few months. Granted this Summer has not been particularly blistering as far as extreme temperatures go. It has been a heat index Summer of epic proportions.

According to some rather learned weather individuals by this time next week we could be seeing high temperatures that will only reach the middle 80's . Still other weather websites are suggesting that temperatures in the afternoon by the first weekend of October will be in the upper 70's. Regardless which forecast you believe there is going to be a hint of fall dropping into South Louisiana by late next week.

The forecast scenario for the I-10 corridor suggests that rain chances across the area this weekend will be slight. There is a chance of mainly afternoon and early evening showers and thunderstorms that will pop up because of the daytime heating and humidity in the air.

By Tuesday and Wednesday of next week a cold front should be close enough to the area to spark up a better chance of rain and thunderstorms. The big question among forecasters is will the front have enough push behind it to make it through and into the Gulf of Mexico. If it does then we will enjoy a day or so of relatively cooler and less humid air.

The long range forecast models are in disagreement on how far south the front will make it. Let's hope Mother Nature will feel our pain and give us a brilliant, bright, and less humid first weekend in October as a little compensation for the spanking she has delivered to our area over the Summer months.

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