Scattered showers appeared to have given most of Acadiana at least a little bit of a break from the heat over the weekend. While those showers and thunderstorms may have interrupted a few weekend car washes, flowerbed weedings, or lawn cuttings, you probably won't be able to blame the rain for not getting those things done this week.

But, you can always blame the heat if there's not enough rain around.

The heat will be the weather word of concern for South Louisiana over the next several days. The actual air temperature, not the feels-like reading, will be in the middle 90s for almost every afternoon this week. As for the feels-like reading where we include the humidity you can bet it will feel a lot hotter than 100 degrees during the peak of the afternoon.

Acadiana's weather is being controlled by a high-pressure system centered over the Gulf of Mexico. This dome of high pressure is essentially sealing off any weather makers from moving into or across the area. Forecasters with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles believe the system will start to move out later in the week. This will increase our chances of rainfall to about 40% for Thursday and Friday.


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