Last week a weather system moved through South Louisiana bringing flooding rains and tornadoes. This week a much kinder and gentler weather system will slide through the area bringing us a few days of "Chamber of Commerce" weather.

What we mean by "Chamber of Commerce" weather is this. It's going to be nice. The heat won't be quite as oppressive and more importantly, the humidity will be at a tolerable level as well.

The frontal passage should take place later this afternoon. As the system approaches the area a few showers or thunderstorms could develop. But for the most part, rain chances will be minimal.

Behind the front temperatures will be five to ten degrees cooler and the humidity levels should be significantly lower. That lower humidity will result in more comfortable "feels like" temperatures. 

If there is a downside to lower temperatures and less humidity it would be the fact that you will have to water your outside plants. I don't think the lawn will need water nearly as much as those potted plants you have on your porch and patio will. The next even minor threat of rain in the area will likely come this weekend.


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