It's getting close to fall and while most stores are already getting things ready for Christmas, let us not forget that one of the funnest holidays is coming up later next month -- Halloween!

I mean, seriously, you get to eat candy corn all month and dress up like your favorite witch, ghoul, goblin or presidential candidate!

While a lot of thrill seekers are looking forward to getting the bejesus scared out of them at a haunted house near you, I'm looking forward to less of a thrill.

So, this is the year I finally make it to a corn maze! There are a few in the great state of Louisiana and I plan on hitting at least one or two of them.

If you have been to any corn maze in the state and have a review to share with me, please do so. If not, I'll blindly chose one and head to one of these beautiful nooks in our fair state and pass me a good ole time with the family.

Here is a list of some of the corn mazes you can visit here in Louisiana with a link to their website.


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