Foggy conditions in northern Iberia Parish played a role in a series of crashes that are tying up traffic along U. S. 90 and LA 182.

Those crashes happened around 7 a.m. near the Iberia/St. Martin Parish Line and near the LA 88 exit on U. S. 90 West.

According to Louisiana State Police spokesman Tpr. Thomas Gossen, three separate crashes took place within a couple of miles of each other. The crashes, Tpr. Gossen says, were not major.

A witness says two of the crashes happened at the same time. According to that witness, drivers were slowing down on U. S. 90 because of whiteout fog. That witness says two separate cars in both westbound lanes rear-ended vehicles in front of them, causing chain reactions. The witness says one of the cars hit a truck, pushing that truck into another car.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

Listeners tell us the third crash happened closer to the LA 88 exit. No word on what caused that crash.

Right now, traffic is starting to flow normally, but slowdowns persist on LA 182 and US 90. A listener says traffic on LA 182 returns to normal past LA 92. For now, driving coming towards Lafayette from Iberia Parish should take LA 14 to Abbeville and U. S. 167 North.

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