Sunday is her day. In our hearts it's  her day everyday. She is Mom. The lady that brought us into this world and if we don't behave will take us out of it. Country music has a long standing position of honoring and respecting the position of being a mom. There are songs that make us laugh, songs that make us cry, and songs that make us want to pick up the phone and give that lovely lady a call right this very second.

Here are some of my favorite "mom themed" musical moments in the world of country music. I know you've got yours and I would consider it an honor if you shared you're mom song with me.

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle: Glen Campbell and Steve Wariner : Besides the fact that this song features two of my all time favorite performers, this song's lyrics tell an extreme truth. It is the mother who gives life, brings knowledge, and wishes for peace. Just an outstanding song that makes me misty-eyed every time I hear it.


I'm The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised : Johnny Paycheck: This tune is about how we as kids went a bit off the course our mother's wanted us to take. I think most guys can relate to doing that at least once. Okay, maybe we didn't rob liquor stores and shoot people but we did break our mom's hearts every now and then.  Johnny Paycheck is just something else. If you want to get lost in some great country music, go download a Johnny Paycheck album, you can thank me later.


In My Daughter's Eyes : Martina McBride: I love Martina McBride. She is really one of the standard bearers for great vocalist. She sings with such power and perfection and it's as natural as clouds floating through a beautiful summer sky. This song reminds me of my daughter and the relationship she has with her mom. I know they tend to disagree, my wife and daughter, but deep down I know there is a respect and love that can't be put into words.


Coat of Many Colors : Dolly  Parton : You guys know I love Dolly. I love this song too. It's not so much about mom as it is about what mom's do for us. They make a mean and cruel world easier to understand. They give us strength to be our own person and stand up for ourselves. They teach us faith and the power of believing and something bigger than we will ever be. That is why I love this song and why I think it more than fits on a list of great songs about mom.


Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me : Diamond Rio: Here's another one of those mom reaching out to a higher power to save her not so bright kids song. I love the harmonies of Diamond Rio and in this song they are amazing. No matter where we are in this great big world we know there is one person, one soul, that is loving us unconditionally. That someone is called mom and just knowing that she is on our side and in our hearts gives us the courage to change the world, or at least try.



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