A flood of 911 calls came into the Millvale, Pennsylvania police department Sunday night about something going down on the Pennsylvania turnpike.

What was the rukus about? A 10-year-old girl riding in a dog cage in the back of a pick-up along with the family dog!

(Hey, we did that all the time when I was a kid. Although, we usually rode with sheep or goats!)

Cops eventually pulled the truck over. 33-year-old Thomas Fishinger was driving while his girlfriend, 29-year-old Abbey Carlson, was in the passenger seat.

The kid in the back was Abbey's daughter and she had actually asked to ride in the back. Seems the dog was crying and the kid wanted to comfort it.

Both Thomas and Abbey were arrested for felony child endangerment.

There could be a little more to this story. Oh, and it probably didn't help that a few days prior, Thomas was charged with 15 felony counts of identity theft and access fraud.