I think I would be speaking for the majority of the electorate in Lafayette Parish when I suggest that we the people don't really like it when our elected sheriff is involved in a court case with our elected city and parish government. It just doesn't seem to be a great recipe for progress, at least to me.

However, courtroom proceedings that should help iron out a dispute between Lafayette Sheriff Mark Garber's Department and Lafayette Consolidated Government now have a date. That date has been set for March 9th.

In that March 9th court date Sheriff Mark Garber is expected to ask that language used in a court filing concerning the dispute between LCG and the Sheriff's Department be changed. Sheriff Garber contends the language in those fillings made by former Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux amount to what he considers to be a personal attack.

The motion filed by Garber is actually in response to a countersuit that was brought against the Sheriff's Department during Robideaux's last few hours in office as Mayor-President. That countersuit was filed after Sheriff Garber filed suit against LCG over funding for the operation of the parish jail and housing parish inmates.

On March 9th the 15th Judicial District Court is expected to hear from both LCG and the Sheriff's Department. In that hearing, each side will be asked to show cause why the motion and the language in it should or should not be struck from the record.

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