The past several days have seen hundreds of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe even family members inquire about screening and testing for the coronavirus. The screenings have taken place in two ways. One, by calling 311 in Lafayette, you can be pre-screened over the phone. Two, you can utilize the drive-through screening at the Cajundome.

If you choose the Cajundome route please be aware that screening hours have changed. Officials have noticed most of the traffic through the screening process has come in the early hours of the screening period. Therefore, the new hours for screening at the Cajundome are 9 am until Noon.

Yesterday, almost 200 individuals were screened onsite at the Cajundome. 107 of those screened were identified as needing further testing for the COVID-19 virus. The results of those tests should be back in a week to ten days.

The 311 Call Center is staffed by medical professionals and is answered 24 hours a day. Local authorities prefer that you utilize the call center instead of coming in person to the Cajundome.

Stop the Spread, Call Instead.

Some residents have reported issues with the 311 services. Those issues are the result of a high call volume. Should you encounter an issue with dialing 311 there is an alternate number you can dial. That number is (337) 291-8200. Officials are working to increase call capacity and minimize wait times.

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