If you're a regular viewer of KLFY Channel 10 and you subscribe to Cox Communications, you may no longer be able to catch KLFY starting at midnight tonight. Here's what's going on...

In a Facebook post, KFLY says to Cox Communications customers "We regret to inform you that you may lose access to station KLFY TONIGHT at 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2018." 

The reason is that Nexstar, the parent company of KLFY, and Cox Communications have yet to come to an agreement on fees charged for continued carriage.

KLFY urges you to "CALL Cox Communications NOW AT 855-789-1397 AND DEMAND THEY KEEP KLFY ON THE AIR! If you would like to be ensured of continuing to receive KLFY after TONIGHT."

Below is the full Facebook post from KLFY.

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