I would imagine there isn't anything you couldn't find on Craig's List. It's like an Internet garage sale, want-ads, help wanted, personals list of any body who is needing something or anybody that is wanting something. Well a Texas truck driver wanted some rain, so he did what most right thinking people would do, he put an ad on Craig's List.

Jerry Van Hook who lives near Austin stated in his advertisement that "Grass is brown, and I just finished putting in a rain collection on my garage". He even added a photo of actor Gene Kelley from the musical singing in the rain.

You can say what you want about this approach to weather but the facts are the facts. Four days later the the region was soaked with four inches of rain and Jerry measured 2.45 inches in his rain collector. I wonder if you can buy intelligence on Craig's List? I know some people in Baton Rouge and Washington that could use some of that.