We all get ticked off from time to time while traveling the roads of Acadiana. Everyone on the road is an idiot but us, right? Well, what ever the case may be, please don't ever, ever let yourself get to the level of anger that this one Los Angeles driver did, OK?

Apparently right before the video starts, the driver in the gold car rear-ended the white car in front of him at the light. It seems as if the accident caused his transmission to get all wonky and not properly engage. Eventually it slips into gear and he uses the opportunity to smash into the white car, you know, to show em who's boss.

As a parting gift, he backs his car up again and as he's fleeing the scene, sideswipes the white car and another vehicle, then blows through a red light and goes on his way.

With everyone grabbing video of this hot head, I'm sure it's only a matter of days before he's in jail.

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