Summertime is the worst for getting sick. Ugh.. And let's be honest, we'll try just about anything to feel better.

If you are looking for some unconventional ways to get healthy, some of these 'old wives' tales' really do work, according to the folks at Hey, I'm willing to give them a try if you are! And here's to better health all year long!

  • Vinegar to cure cuticle infections - yes, vinegar has natural antibacterial properties. Soak for 15 minutes a day with warm water to combat the infection
  • Aspirin Shampoo to get rid of dandruff - this DIY method, which is basically made of salicylic acid, gets rid of flakes
  • Ginger to ease nausea - according to Stephen Hanauer, MD, this is a great way to empty stomach contents, and break up intestinal gas
  • Duct tape to eliminate warts - the adhesive binding and airtight environment really do work!
  • Krazy Glue to heal cracked heels - soak your feet, apply moisturizer, and then dab the glue on the cracks. Make sure you don't get any on your hands while applying!
  • Rubbing alcohol to cure stinky feet - eliminate excess perspiration by dabbing alcohol with a cotton ball on feet. The dehydration will kill bacteria and fungus
  • Licorice and peppermint to ease indigestion - the herbal properties of these ingredients, fixed in tea, can soothe tummy troubles
  • Peppermint essential oil to ease anxiety - just sniffing this comforting scent provides a calming property for anxiety and frustration
  • Ice to cure a migraine - apply ice to temples or the back of your neck for relief
  • Licorice to get rid of corns - apply licorice and oil on the affected area , and cover with plastic wrap before bed


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