Whether your tailgating before the game or you just want something warm and filling for a cool Autumn night this chili recipe is not only healthy but allows you to make it ahead.  I talked with Chef Jill McCoy. I told her we needed something that we could take to tailgating or eat at the end of the driveway while waiting for trick-or-treat kids to come by.

I think what Chef Jill created not only fills the bill for my minimal requirements but she took it a step further and made it healthy and with a nice Louisiana flair.

I could eat this dish everyday and not get tired of it. I love chili. I have never really thought of making chili as a healthy meal but then again I am a disc jockey and not a professionally trained chef.

The turkey used in this recipe is a nice healthy alternative to some of the more fatty meats you might normally find used in chili recipes. The fact that this combination of flavors has a nice creole lean means for me a more lively chili that feels lighter in my stomach.

There is still plenty of traditional flavor in the recipe but the okra gives every spoonful a very nice reminder that South Louisiana goodness can be built into any other culture's cuisine. If you're looking for something that is hearty but light, tasty but healthy, and simple to make and even easier to clean up you've got to give this crowd pleasing concoction a try.


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