A crop duster aircraft made a crash landing in a muddy rice field yesterday in Jeff Davis Parish. Fortunately, the pilot was not injured and walked away from the incident. KPLC Television reporter Jennifer Lott was live at the scene and filed this report on Facebook.

Lott reported that the plane went down in a field near Winston Road just south of the town of Elton.

A pilot Lott spoke to about the incident speculated that the pilot must have had an engine issue. The plane reportedly skidded into the muddy field and then flipped over. Deputies with the Jeff Davis Sheriff's Department reported that the pilot did walk away from the crash and refused medical treatment.

In the report filed on KPLC's website, the owner of the field John Carbalan said he was relieved to hear that the pilot was not injured in the incident. Carbalan told the TV station that it was his understanding that the aircraft would remain in his field until the Federal Aviation Administration completes their investigation of the crash.

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