Here at The Dawg, "Tee Nah Nah" has become a tradition with Bruce and Jude in the morning. It's not just a tradition for us, but it's a tradition for all of Acadiana. During the "Battle Of The DJs" at Patty In The Parc, this theory was put to the test.

CJ from KTDY and Chris Reed from Hot 107.9 competed in the "Battle Of The DJs" with different categories like "Best Songs To Sing Along To In The Car", "Best Wedding Songs" and more. During the "Best Wedding Songs" competition, CJ decided to take the gloves off and stop playing around. As you'll see, when he hits play on "Tee Nah Nah", he instantly won that round.

Thank you to all of you who came to Patty In The Parc to make it one for the record books!

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