When it came to shooting the visual for his latest single, "Cornbread and Greens" Cupid decided to forgo the video vixens and use everyday people in a grocery store.

When it comes to finding a good woman, we often hear that trust, personality and good looks are some of the most important qualities that men look for. With his new single, Cupid aims to point out one of the most forgotten questions when it comes to choosing a soulmate:

Can she cook, though?

And we aren't talking about microwave dinners here—Can she cook cornbread? Can she cook a pot of red beans?

Cupid says the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and his new soulful tune is all about finding a woman who can throw down in the kitchen. It's an old school quality the R&B crooner believes many modern couples aren't embracing enough in their relationships, so he teamed up with southern soul singer, Pokey for "Cornbread and Greens."

Sticking to the food theme, Cupid shot the video at a Super 1 grocery store in his hometown of Lafayette, LA. When I asked him about how he came up with the concept for the video, I found out there was a reason behind his decision to shoot at the location at Willow and Evangeline Thruway.

I shot the video at that particular Super 1 because they have donated so much to the community through fundraisers and health fairs. The management there has been so giving and charitable.

Cupid took things a step further by having some of the locals who just happened to be getting their grocery shopping done that day star in the video. In the end the video was fun, entertaining, and it looked like everyone had a blast!

You can catch Cupid performing live this Wednesday (11/25) at Nite Town for the "This 1 is For Taco" benefit for Luis "Taco" Flores—a staple in the radio community who recently lost his battle to inoperable cancer.

Now I'm hungry for soul food! Go grab his new single on iTunes, now!

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