If you're a smoker and you by your smokes at CVS because they're cheap, you're going to have to find a new spot. CVS Pharmacy announced today that later this year, they will discontinue the sale of cigarettes.

CVS speculates it could result in a 2 billion dollar a year loss in sales, but even with the loss, it won’t affect its earnings forecast. To be honest, I have allot of respect for them doing this. They're putting they're money where their mouth is, so to speak. They're a drug store that promotes wellness, and they're willing to take a 2 billion dollar a year hit to stand behind what they believe in. You should also know I'm saying this as a smoker.

CVS Caremark CEO Larry Merlo -

"Ending the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products at CVS/pharmacy is the right thing for us to do for our customers and our company to help people on their path to better health," said Larry J. Merlo, President and CEO, CVS Caremark. "Put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose."

CVS says they will stop the sale of cigarettes starting October of this year. To read more of the companies statement, head over HERE