It is the question that will haunt every online purchase that you make between now and Christmas. The question, "Do you have a promo code"? For the longest time, I would have to simply skip that question and go directly into my shopping cart prepared to pay full price. That was until I  found Honey.

I have actually been using Honey, the extension on Google Chrome, to save money for some time now. It's really easy to add on to your system, it's safe, and it works. Here's the "in a nutshell video" for how to add Honey to your browser.

Basically what the Honey extension and App does is check every known available promo code for that retailer, the item, or the manufacturer. The extension then applies the code and the savings to your purchase.

I like using Honey for my online purchases. But don't be disappointed if you don't find extra savings on every purchase. Quite often all that I get from Honey is simply confirmation that I am getting the best deal available anyway.

But then again, with Honey, I have actually found more savings on top of another promo code that I had already used. So, sometimes you get the double whammy of savings. The bottom line is that it's free for you to try and use. If you don't like it,  you simply disable it from your laptop or desktop.

Oh, and one other thing about Honey, I have not had success with using it on my smartphone. It's a laptop or desktop only extension although it allegedly works with Safari, the browser you have on your iPhone.  You might also come across some codes that are no longer valid or out of date but those are few and far between. At least, that's been my experience.


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