Mark Twain the great writer and philosopher said, "Creativity is just undetected plagiarism". What he means is, there are no new ideas. There are only ideas that others have had that we just retooled and reworked into something maybe a little better.

When I was a kid roller skates had four wheels and you needed a skate key to tighten them around your shoe. Then came roller blades, the inline skates that so many people enjoy. But what was before the roller blade and the skate key? Perhaps it was cycle skating as seen in this 1920's era newsreel footage.

The idea is simple enough, maybe even better than today's in line skates. The wheel is large enough to allow for some off road riding which I guess was all you had to choose from in the 1920's. It looks pretty interesting, I just hope they won't be bringing it back and turning it in to an X-Games competition.

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