I first heard the line "dance like nobody's watching" in a Kathy Mattea song called Come From the Heart. The song is basically a guideline about the best way to live your life. Which is living your life on your own terms and acting on what you feel from deep inside without concern of the judgement of others. It's a very sweet song and it's on my personal playlist for days when I need a boost.

The young man in this video takes that "dance like nobody's watching" advice to heart. This is a fan cam video from a Boston Celtics game. The song that's playing is from Bon Jovi and it's called Livin' on a Prayer. As you can see most of the basketball fans are just happy for their few seconds in the spotlight. The young man that becomes the focus of this video realizes that the spotlight doesn't shine on you often so when it does you've got to make the most of it.


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